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Things Men Can Do to Boost Low Libido

Low libido can result in stressful relationships. While having a lower sex drive is natural during a rough phase in life, constant low libido in men is a thing to worry about. Treatment for low libido in males is possible and should be catered to on time.

Low libido tends to affect both partners. The man in question has no drive to carry on a physical relationship, and the woman feels rejected. The persistent absence of sex might worsen the conflict and can turn ugly. Healthy sex life is the foundation of every relationship; things can lead to doom when it goes missing.

Low libido in men can happen due to hormonal imbalance, underlying health conditions, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, etc. Other reasons can be stress, guilt, anxiety, depression, failed relationships, sexual abuse, etc. Although the reasons are diverse, the core problem of low libido can be taxing for men.

You can consult a sexologist to get to the root cause of the problem and avail the best treatment for low libido in males. A sexologist is an expert at finding the exact reasons and proposing a treatment plan based on those. The treatment could be hormonal supplements, prescription drugs, or something more specific, like treating the underlying condition.

Low libido In Men

You can also start by yourself and work on certain things that can help you boost your sex drive.

Elevating your relationship – Speaking out about the main issues is the first point you need to take care of. Communicating with your partner and gaining their confidence is the most crucial part of healing. Build trust and come out clean. Express your intentions to get better and ask for support. Most people win the situation with emotional support, making them try hard to get what is missing.

Spend quality time –  Spend more time with your partner. Go on dates, plan vacations, dress nicely, compliment each other, and express love differently. The time spent together will help introduce the missing spark, get you closer, and revive the relationship.

Focus on foreplay – No matter how your sex drive is, indulge in foreplay. Spend time on each other’s bodies. Introduce sex toys if you feel comfortable. Focus on the reactions to different things and enjoy the moment. Getting closer will spice up the sex life and make you crave more.

Eat healthily – You are what you eat, so choose your food options carefully. Rely more on fruits, vegetables, whole foods, nuts, legumes, fish, etc., for your daily requirement. Stay away from packaged and junk food. Ensure to ingest nutrition-dense food and limit the intake of high-calorie and low-nutrition food items.

Stay fit – Maintain your body weight by introducing regular physical activity. Try different forms of exercise and adopt the one you like. Aerobic exercises help in keeping cardiovascular health in check, which in turn ensures proper blood supply. Keep a check on body weight and stay within the suggested limit. Weight-bearing exercises are known to elevate testosterone levels, which in turn elevates sex drive.

Stay away from bad habits – Cut back on the consumption of alcohol. Excessive alcohol intake can cause low libido in men, and smoking harms overall health, including sexual well-being. Quit smoking today to lead a healthy life.

Regular blood work – Get regular blood check-ups to keep an eye on vital parameters. Regular samples will help treat any disturbance early on and prevent the severity.

Low libido can wreak havoc in anyone’s life. The man feels incompetent and inadequate, breaking his confidence, and he starts avoiding friends and family along with his partner. The loneliness may hit hard and spike the stress levels, and excessive stress can aggravate various health conditions.

Along with suffering from a personal front, the man usually starts lagging in the workspace. Or some men give too much to work and seek validation from their colleagues. In any way, they are unhappy and discontent. All in all, it is a recipe for disaster in anyone’s life.

Low libido in men is not permanent, and it is possible to free yourself from the loop. Once you notice that low libido has become a new norm, be cautious and seek help. A sexologist can help you with the treatment of low libido in males. Or else, you can try to get back to the groove with the pointers suggested.

Once you make up your mind to revive your sex life and have your partner’s trust, no one can stop you from claiming what you deserve.

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