The Advantages Of A Storage Area Network

A Storage Area Network (SAN) is speedily turning into the network of alternatives for tiny businesses. Here’s what you would like to grasp concerning however small businesses will take pleasure in harnessing this virtual data storage solution.

How a Storage Area Network (SAN) works:

A SAN may be a high-speed network that provides network users quick access to storage. In alternative words, it’s an example of knowledge virtualization. The san switch takes the pressure off the native space Network (LAN) by moving storage traffic, and storage devices, off the computer network and into a fanatical network. In turn, the SAN helps speed up computer network performance as a result of it isn’t burdened with excessive storage requirements.  

Types of SAN:

SANs direct size and complexity. For example, some SANs have simply a couple of servers. have thousands. the dimensions of the SAN that’s best for your organization all depends upon your distinctive business needs.

SANs work on either: 

  • Fiber Channel technology (FC).
  • The Internet Small Computing System Interface  (iSCSI).

The iSCSI resolution is a smaller amount costly than FC, that makes it enticing to SMBs. However, FC technology is quicker and has bigger capacity, which makes it popular for businesses who would like uninterrupted information access for mission-critical applications. 

Whichever SAN you choose, each variety provides similar edges and are typically an improved choice than different storage solutions.

The Benefits of a SAN:

There are such a lot of advantages to mistreatment Storage Area Networks, however here are our high 5 associated benefits:

1. Reduces computer network information measure issues:

A key advantage of SANs is bandwidth improvement. LAN-based server storage systems are typically subject to bandwidth bottlenecks, which reduces performance and will increase the time it takes to complete straightforward tasks and transfers. Since a san switch takes over an outsized chunk of your network traffic, it decreases the strain on your LAN’s bandwidth. 

2. Improved information security: 

information security is preponderating for each business. With a SAN, data protection algorithms keep consistent, thus you’ll have access to correct copies of any data whenever you would like it. What’s more, ought to hackers access your LAN, vital hold on data is currently on a separate network, which means you won’t lose it. 

3. Responsive backup:

Whenever you audit your network performance, data backup may be a major consideration. The nice news is that a SAN permits for efficient information backup. With the SAN, you simply need one backup server to duplicate data from across multiple locations. The SAN’s versatile storage capability additionally saves you from payment of extra cash on physical storage solutions for your data. 

4. Accrued quantifiability:

One amongst the great things concerning SANs is that they’re simply scaled to suit evolving business needs. For example, if you would like a lot of storage, you’ll add capacity as and once it’s required. this suggests you’re ne’er sitting there with more storage than you require. What’s more, you’ll quickly and seamlessly upgrade SAN infrastructure once necessary.

5. Reliable disaster recovery:

It’s not simply information backup that’s necessary to your organization. Unfortunately, disaster strikes when we’re least expecting it. Whether or not it’s a cyber attack or a natural disaster, if the worst happens, you’ll wish to grasp that you just can recover your vital business data from across multiple applications. whereas this isn’t possible with all networks, it’s possible with a SAN. 

Since between forty and sixty p.c of little businesses fail to open up once a disaster thanks to lack of infrastructure or poor planning, the SAN decreases your probabilities of turning into another statistic.   


With a san switch, you’ll reap the advantages of quicker backups, improved scalability, and accrued information security. For a lot of info on the advantages of SANs, and for steerage on why a SAN is also useful to your business.

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