How to perform a perfect gym cleaning

In these times, proper cleaning of gyms is essential to create a safe, hygienic, and comfortable space for all the people who attend these spaces to exercise.

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 Besides the tasks for traditional cleaning, there is the need to disinfect every corner of the gym. At SCS Group Integrated Services, we are experts in creating healthy spaces, cleaning with high-quality standards in spaces with a large movement of people.

In this article we share how to perform a perfect gym cleaning:

1. Gym cleaning frequency

Gyms are facilities that require a certain frequency of cleaning. Although it is sometimes difficult to combine the cleaning and disinfection of the facilities, it is necessary to maintain continuous cleaning to ensure healthy facilities.

2. Gym cleaning schedule

Ideally, to ensure good hygiene and disinfection of gyms, it is ideal to create a calendar or daily plan with the people employed in the cleaning and the areas in which the cleaning will be carried out. For example, entrances, lockers, changing rooms, classrooms…

In addition, it is advisable to carry out deep cleaning at certain times during the day, even closing some areas where the intervention is going to be carried out, to guarantee the success of the disinfection.

At SCS Group Integrated Services, we agree on a calendar together with the gym to ensure that the facilities are a healthy space for staff and athletes.

3. Ventilation of spaces in gyms

One of the main problems that gyms present are bad odors caused by sweat. Without correct air renewal, it is impossible to expel the pathogens that live inside gyms from the facilities.

Before cleaning the facilities, proper ventilation must be provided.

4. Cleaning adapted to each area of ​​the gym

Cleaning of the machinery area

It is an area of ​​the gym where there is a high intensity of exercise and it is probably the place with the most use. A large volume of sweat from athletes accumulates in this area. 

The main objective of cleaning in the machine area is the disinfection of seats, pedals, etc. of all machines.

Cleaning of the shower area

It is one of the most delicate areas of the gym. Here the sweat and body dirt of the athletes who come to the facilities accumulate. 

The main objective of cleaning the shower area of ​​a gym is to clean screens, taps, doors, and shower trays using products that manage to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi that accumulate in this area.

Changing room cleaning

The locker rooms of a gym are where there is more movement of people. Where the conditions are more disparate. That is why disinfection should also be promoted in this area. Paying more attention to common objects such as benches, dryers, mirrors, and lockers.

Gym restroom cleaning

One of the most monitored areas of the gym. Deep cleaning should be carried out using products that ensure good disinfection.

Cleaning of non-sports areas of the gym

Entrance, vending machine area, and reception. In these spaces, we must focus on cleaning dust and dirt, paying attention to vending machines, waiting room seats, etc.

Gyms need in-depth cleaning and periodicity. Adapted to the use of the facilities to keep the common areas free of bacteria and pathogens. That can cause an unhealthy environment for the athletes who come to your gym.

At SCS Group Integrated Services we are experts in cleaning and disinfecting gyms, if you have a gym in these areas you can request a quote without obligation

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