Nowadays programming languages take too much attention and are used in every field. Are you confused about the best programming language to learn? Don’t worry, this blog for you.

When you make the decision to plan your career to advance or change it completely, then it requires you to master a programming language, you have to be sure which one you learn.  When you make a decision, you should face the most difficult level, like various reasons for learning the top programming language.

Whenever you want to install a mobile application, to learn about new skills, and getting the certificate for learning new skills, then you need to learn the right choice.

Below this topic we discuss all the “best programming languages to learn” and why they are use most in today’s world. So let’s start to know more about it and how it is used, its complexity, and the brief details about each language.


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To communicate with computers a programming language is the way for developers. Programming languages include a set of rules that allows the string values to be converted into the different ways of generating the various machine code, graphical elements, or visual programming languages. 


In general terms, a program refers to a set of instructions written in a particular language(C, C++, Python, Java) to achieve a particular task.



There are so many languages that are best to learn and will be in demand in the early days, so here is a popular list of the best “programming languages to learn” . Read all the points step by step.  



Javascript is a high-level programming language. It is one of the best core technologies of the world wide web. It is mostly used by the all client-side programming language by all the websites 97.8%. 

Javascript was basically developed to use only web browsers, but as of now they are used for the server-side website and non- web browser applications. 

Javascript was introduced in 1995 and was introduced as LiveScript. As now, javascript was a very popular language to learn at that time, so it was known as a “younger brother” of Java. This time this language became a fully independent language. The developers earn an average salary of around $112,152. 



Nowadays python is the most popular programming language and it’s too easy for the beginners to learn one of the reasons for its readability. It is an open-source programming language with extensive support modules, and it’s free, and community development, user friendly data structure, easy integration with the web services, and the GUI-based desktop applications. Python is a popular programming language for deep learning applications and for machine learning. It has mostly use in creating the popular video games, Vegas Trike, Toontown and civilization IV.

Its developers earn an average salary of about $109,092. 


  • GO

Go was developed in the year 2007 for web applications and APIs. As of now, Go recently developed one of the fastest-growing programming languages due to its easy to understand language and its simplicity.

Go, as well as known as Golang, was created to meet the needs of different programmers working on large projects. It has gained too much popularity among various IT companies thanks to its modern structure and simplicity and their syntax familiarity. Most companies used this language as their programming language included Google, Twitch, Uber, Dropbox, and many more. Go is also gaining popularity among the various data scientists because of its performance and agility.

In this language the developers earn an average salary of $141,654, and to hit up to $261,000.  


  • JAVA 

Today Java is the most popular programming language. This is a general-purpose programming language with an object-oriented structure. It has become a standard of applications that can be used on various platforms like iOs, Android, Windows, Mac.) because it has Write Once, Run Anywhere(WORA) capabilities. Mainly Java is recognised due to its portability across the platforms, from mainframe the data centres to smartphones. Now this time more than 3 billion devices run the applications built with java. Java is mostly use for the web and the application development as well as their big data. Java includes in the backend of most of the popular websites, including Amazon, Google, Twitter, and YouTube. Its developer earns around $109,225 each year. 



Kotlin refers to general-purpose programming, its first version was officially developed in 2016. It is related to java and supports its functional programming languages. 

Kotlin is mostly used for Android apps, desktop applications, web applications, and server-side application development. Kotlin rather than Java was built to be better, and those people who use this language are convinced. Most of the applications are based on Kotlin. Most of the companies used Kotlin as their programming language including their Pinterest, Coursera, PostMates to many others.

Kotlin developers earn the average of $136,000 a year, within potential to earn up to $171,500.




Now we reach the last point after reading all the topics related to “best programming languages to learn”, nowadays, the programming languages are most important. In this topic we discuss the most popular programming languages today’s popular, so this topic is very helpful for the programmers who are interest to know it.

With the help of the above discussion we start our career related to our interest or explore it with our knowledge.

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