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Good Exercise Options to Increase Male Fertility

There are several types of exercise that are good for male fertility. What’s included? Come on, find out so that your desire to be a father is not just wishful thinking.

Exercise is beneficial for overall body health. This positive activity is even said to be able to increase male fertility, you know!

Exercise to Increase Male Fertility


This type of cardio exercise can be done by men to increase fertility.

Jogging can be done for a duration of 30 minutes, 5 times a week. Do a proper warm-up so you don’t risk injury.

Running on the Treadmill

If it is difficult to do jogging outside the house for one reason or another, running on a treadmill can be an alternative that you choose.

The recommended duration of running on the treadmill is for 30 minutes and is done 5 times a week.

Gradually increase your speed from light to medium to fast. This is so that the body “is not shocked” and can adjust properly. Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 60 can help improve physical health.

Long Distance Running

Long-distance running can also be done to improve male fertility and sperm quality.

In order to get benefits, you can run a short distance first. You can increase the distance according to your abilities.


Lifting weights has been proven to increase testosterone levels and insulin sensitivity. Both of these things also have an effect on more quality sperm cells in men.


Yoga is a type of relaxation exercise that can help improve blood circulation. By doing it regularly, regularly, and under expert supervision, this exercise can also increase male fertility, you know!

Yoga exercise can improve mental health and will affect sperm production.


Pilates also increases libido, aka physical arousal. So, the sensation of having love will be more intense, thus increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

To what extent is the effectiveness of exercise in increasing male fertility?

Exercise can not only get rid of fat. This activity also keeps testosterone levels optimal, so it has a good effect on fertility.

According to him, the best types of exercise to improve the quality of men’s sperm are lifting weights and cardio, such as running.  Vidalista 20Cenforce 200Aurogra 100Fildena 100Super p force to improve ED.

Meanwhile, a 2017 study revealed that 45 obese men who did cardio exercise for 50 minutes per week were shown to have increased sperm count and motility.

That’s the type of exercise that is good for male fertility. Which one is your favorite? Remember to do it regularly and regularly, while combined with the application of a healthy lifestyle. Also, avoid alcohol and cigarettes so that your fertility level is more optimal.

Exercise is the most useful way to maintain health. Those who want to shape their bodies into ideal conditions can make exercise the key! Because they want to get quick results, some people do it excessively.
If the hormone is produced more due to exhausting physical activity, appetite can also decrease. It may be beneficial. But, for those who are pregnant, it’s detrimental.

If you do not have enough appetite to receive healthy fat intake, the body will fail to realize ovulation. Too much leptin hormone disrupts the body’s metabolism.

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