Cleaning in the food industry

Cleaning in the food industry

As we know, the food industry is one of the most productive sectors, so cleaning and hygiene in this sector is fundamental.

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Cleaning and hygiene for the food industry seeks to eliminate all kinds of undesirable organic or inorganic residues found inside and outside machinery, furniture, utensils, objects, uniforms, containers, storage places, cold rooms, ovens, buckets or storage spaces. Food production, or any other element or surface involved in the process.

Cleaning for the food industry has two basic objectives: to prevent food spoilage, and more importantly and fundamentally, to prevent food poisoning.


What, how, when and who?


A perfect cleaning and disinfection plan must be elaborated from some sections, this is our recommendation:

WHAT to clean and disinfect? Cleaning areas/utensils to be cleaned.

HOW to clean and disinfect? description of products used, utensils, methods etc.

WHEN to clean and disinfect? Specify the frequency: daily, after use, continuously, etc.

WHO performs the cleaning and disinfection? staff must be trained and trained in the use of disinfectants.

Sanitary day in the restaurant. Repeats wash your workplace. Cooks wash oven, stove and extractor in the Restaurant. Sanitary day in the restaurant. Repeats wash your workplace. Cooks wash oven, stove and extractor in the Restaurant INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN CLEANING stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Objectives of cleaning and disinfection


Cleaning  for the food industry is an operation aimed at combating the proliferation of microorganisms that can contaminate food and cause its deterioration.

Disinfecting,  on the other hand, can be defined as partially eliminating the number of bacteria found in a certain environment or surface, in such a way that it is not harmful to people.


Cleaning frequency…


The frequency of cleaning depends on a variety of factors, but the pattern is generally the same:

  • Floors and walls:  daily, they are first cleaned and then disinfected.
  • Decoction tables, plates, pans, hoods, or filters: clean every day with specific products.
  • We recommend it to remove trays, drawers, and shelves from cold rooms once a month and clean them thoroughly every two months.
  • Ovens:  remove possible adhering remains and clean with specific products every day.
  • Whenever required, such as when changing food, clean work utensils at the end of each work shift.
  • Production lines: clean with water, after each working day, and if we change the food.
  • Rubbish bins:  clean and disinfect daily.
  • Machinery:  the equipment will be cleaned depending on its use, the food or the frequency of its use. In each industry’s specific cleaning plan, it must be detailed.


We hope that this article will help you to know a little better the importance of this type of specialized cleaning in this sector and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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