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An in-depth look at automated user interface testing

automated UI testing

The need for automated user interface testing is growing at the same rate as the demand for high-quality software. The human processes involved in UI testing may be automated. This technique of testing we call it automated user interface testing (UI testing). It enables you to test your application in a manner that is both more productive and efficient.

What exactly does “Automated UI Testing” entail?

Automated user interface testing generally refers to the practice of using certain test frameworks or tools in manual testing procedures in order to validate user interface functioning. For the purpose of automating a variety of manually performed activities associated with UI testing, the following frameworks or technologies may be utilized:

  1. Validating user navigation
  2. Examining the practicability of each button’s underlying logic
  3. UI workflows
  4. Checking the validity of the supplied fields

Automated Testing Services of user interface testing is a method that examines the graphical user interface of a piece of software to determine whether or not it is both functional and user-friendly. We carry out this test using a wide variety of tools and methods. It includes record-and-replay testing, testing with scripts, or codeless testing, amongst others.

The primary objective of automated user interface testing is to minimize or do away with the need for manual testing, which may be laborious, error-prone, and time-consuming. By automating the user interface testing process, companies may improve the quality of their software and increase the rate at which they release new features and upgrades.

Best Practices for automated UI testing

Because the user interface is what consumers touch and see, automated testing is very necessary in order to decrease release cycles. As is the case with all aspects of software development, there are unwavering best practices that can be followed by all teams in order to better assure a strong return on investment from their investment in automation.

  • Use a naming scheme that is consistent throughout.
  • Examine the test cases to determine which ones that needs automation.
  • Create excellent test data.
  • Keep testing independent.
  • Don’t put all of your eggs in one testing basket.
  • It is important to refrain from going to sleep during a user interface exam.
  • We donot run every test on the target browsers.
  • Investigate testing using a headless browser.
  • Think about using a BDD framework in your job.
  • Instead of doing many tests, rely on data.
  • Keep tests basic.
  • Taking screenshots will help with the investigation of the problem.
  • Utilize the appropriate software for automated testing.

In today’s highly competitive corporate world, Automated Testing Services is very necessary for the success of any program. Let us check some tools for User Interface Automation Testing


The UI Automation Testing tool known as HPE UFT One is very effective and all-encompassing. Because it provides such a comprehensive assortment of features and advantages, it is an excellent option for companies of any size.

Functionality testing using the IBM Rational Tester

The IBM Rational Functional Tester is a solution for UI automation testing that is both powerful and thorough. Because it provides such a comprehensive assortment of features and advantages, it is an excellent option for companies of any size.

mabl Logo

Testing teams in creating tests and don’t want to build a UI testing process are the target audience for this feature, which means that the bulk of the work will be delegated to mabl. mabl takes a totally different approach to evaluating the user interface (UI), one that focuses more on journeys and less on individual tests. After logging onto their website and defining a path through your application, that is all that is required of you. They do not provide you with a test case or anything else for you to actually focus your efforts on.

Tosca TricentisTricentis

The Tricentis Tosca UI Automation Testing Tool is a very effective and all-encompassing piece of software. Because it provides such a comprehensive assortment of features and advantages. It is an excellent option for companies of any size.

Using Selenium for automated UI testing

The testing industry makes extensive use of Selenium, which is a well-known open-source user interface (UI) test automation tool. It is able to automate test scripts on a variety of operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows, as well as a variety of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Headless Browsers.


Manual testers and non-technical testers who are just starting out in BDD are the target audience for this tool. Functionize delivers all of the functionality that you would expect from a comprehensive web UI testing tool, in addition to some extra innovations surrounding locator approach. One of these advancements is an autonomous testing pitch, in which tests that we develop by just using the application itself.

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