5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Kevlar Shirts

As a motorcyclist or a rider, you would probably know about Kevlar shirts. In hot weather, as we can see a rider wears normal clothes and roams on streets and roads, but it can be dangerous. Kevlar flannel shirts are designed in a way that protects you from heat and feels light and comfortable. Many riders are confused and could decide whether they should buy motorcycle protective shirts or not because these shirts just look like regular shirts.

 here are the 5 reasons why you buy Kevlar shirts:

 Flannel Kevlar shirts has widened protection:

The amount of protection that these Kevlar shirts provide is remarkable. The life of motorcyclists is not dependent on Kevlar shirts, but it gives protection up to some level. When you are riding a motorcycle, your body demands protection from rough injuries and fractures that could cause a life-taking risk. The manufacturer knows that it would not be possible for riders to wear hoodies in the hot summer so, for your benefit they designed shirts to keep protection casual and balanced.

  • Breathable Exterior:

Motorcycle protection shirts also provide one of the best qualities these shirts are breathable. The purpose of using interlining in this shirt is to allow oxygen to the upper body part. So, in this way Kevlar shirts keep your body circulation normal and avoid adequate sweat from coming out of your body. And the rider comfortably enjoys the journey till the end.

  • Gives You a cool look on Bike:

A Kevlar flannel motorcycle shirt gives you a cool sunny look. It is designed in a way that feels lighter and can be used in summer. The excellent impression that these shirts have made is as comfy as snug. Flannel makes these shirts cool and different. Flannel is a soft fabric that is either made from cotton, wool, or synthetic fiber. It has no shiny surface, like silk, raw silk, and leather but is better and looks even cooler in summer. So, it’s better to wear a motorcycle flannel shirt in the sunlight.

  • Kevlar shirt has a lot of pockets:

Kevlar motorcycle shirt has lots of pockets which help you to put your essential belongings carefully. While on a ride you are not suppose to carry many things in your hand so you can take advantage of these pockets. A Kevlar motorcycle shirt has outside and inside pockets for important things when you need them while riding on the road. These shirts have also hidden pockets to hide your mobile phone or expensive things hidden to avoid scratches.

 Variety of colors:

Of course, Kevlar flannel shirts are not boring shirts that you will dislike but these are available in different vibrant colors. Blue, red, yellow, black, white, and gray for boys and girls will like red, green dark gray whatever the complexion rider has. Wear them and makes your appearance admirable.


So, when deciding to buy a Kevlar shirt this might be an expensive option, but it is a protection option that presents security for a rider. The rider will stay in a good mood when he knows his body, chest, and arms are protect.

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